Background of Principals

Dr. Fred T. Krogh (founder):

PhD in mathematics from Oregon State University, 1964.  TRW Systems 4 years, retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as Principal Mathematician after 30 years, current president of Math à la Carte, Inc. a (very) small company selling mathematical software, consulting, and doing research in the area of mathematical software. Fred is not the member of any political party, but tends to be libertarian on issues concerning personal rights, conservative on economic issues, and liberal on many social issues.  He has no problem with higher taxes as long at whatever taxes he pays give good value for the money.  (So far not so good!)

He expects his primary contribution to the site is to provide a technical direction and to at least attempt to keep the site focused on what the users of the site would like to see.

Funding this site for the moment are Fred's meager retirement savings.

More later?

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