Database Tables and Code issues

This is still a bit half baked, but it gives some idea of how things in the backend will work.


Some kind of tag on things is needed to indicate whether it has been used to update user ratings,   In the middle of the night we want to use user ratings to update other ratings.

Internal urls could have the form: <type><high level index>.<next level index> ... Code probably should have templates for various types of lookups.

Need pages to register/log in.

Each page needs a search box, and a way to change user prefs.

Home page should have links to site data, and show user's handle, number registered, number of user actions today,   It should then display the top level hierarchy,   Links sent out in emails will take user straight to the relevant place.

Page to add comment/poll/vote (Probably users don't get to choose the last 2) as when a poll/vote is suggested, it would be useful to have feedback on the form it should take prior to starting the poll/vote.

Page to preview postings prior to submission.

Way to edit after submission? I think not, but perhaps user could ask webmaster to correct a spelling error or minor mistake.

Page to display search results (includes link for next if needed).

Sort default results: highest rated first, highest rated last, most recent first, most recent last,   Have a limit of about 20 per page with a <next> button.

Start with a separate code to create the tables,   Code will be in C for interface to the database,   Despite experience with mysql, I will switch to postgresql as I believe if the site should get huge that would be a better choice.

Need subroutine to parse input strings.

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