Update Personal Data -- This page is currently not functioning

Only items with a "*" need be filled in. Your "handle" must be blank and unique as it is used to identify you in posts that you make.

handle*:   first_name:  
last_name:   phone_work:  
phone_cell:   phone_home:  
address_1:   address_2:  
city:   state:  
zip_postal:   country:  
email:  :
public: Name   Email   Work_phones   Home_phone   Address   Xemail   Xname   Xwork_phones   Xhome_phone   Xaddress   No_html_mail   No_email  

Note that if your name is not public someone wanting to send you email knowing only your name (but not your handle) will not find you in our database.   The extra box is for things like home page URL's, professional interests, and hobbies.   Only your handle, the extra box and the boxes you click on after "public" will be made available to those searching in our database.   Those box names preceded with an x if selected will make this information :available for use in external mailing lists, etc.   No other information you provide will be made available (except in the case of legal entanglements).
Selecting no-email means you will get no e-mail from here, and thus no way to be notified of responses to your postings.   Your e-mail address will be visible to others who visit this page if and only if the email box is selected.

We recommend that you not remove the cookie unless you are sharing the machine with others.   Otherwise the cookie simply identifies you, saving you the hassle of logging in.